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Tree Removal Coquitlam

If you have Dead, dying, damaged or diseased trees in your yard you need to have them removed. Dead trees can be unsightly and they can also pose a danger. As the tree begins to rot it could more easily fall over or break off and hurt someone in your yard. While you may be able to cut down a small tree or shrub on your own, you will need professional services for large tree removal in Coquitlam.

When to Call for Tree Removal in Coquitlam

The best time to call a professional for tree removal in Coquitlam is as soon as you notice a problem with the tree. If it is winter, you may not know whether a tree is dead or alive. A tree specialist will evaluate the tree to determine the status. Dead trees should be removed before they are allowed to decay. Decay causes the branches and the trunk to rot and break apart. Branches and pieces of the tree will begin to fall off the tree.

A tree that is severely diseased may not be able to be saved. If a tree has a disease that could spread to other trees in your yard you want to get rid of the tree immediately. A diseased tree could be losing branches or bark and it may have sections that do not produce leaves.

Sometimes weather can damage a tree. A severe storm or excessive rain can cause problems for some trees. It is a good idea to inspect your property following a storm to evaluate any tree damage. Trees that have been damaged due to weather may need to come down quickly because they are dangerous.

Rid Your Yard of Dead or Damaged Trees

The first step in getting a tree cut down is to call a professional to obtain an estimate. An expert will examine the tree and recommend the best options. Tree removal in Coquitlam is performed by experienced professionals with the tools and equipment to properly cut the tree down.

Some important considerations when cutting down a tree are the diameter of the trunk and height of the tree as well as the fullness of the branches. The expert will engineer the best method for tree removal in Coquitlam. Many times, the branches may be removed first and then the trunk can be cut down. This allows for better control of the process and is ideal in locations that are close to structures.

Tree removal and disposal is only part of the process. When a tree is cut down the stump is left in the ground. Tree stumps can be hazardous and unattractive so you may want to include stump removal services in the proposal.

Stump removal is done using special grinders that chop up the stump and immediate roots into small wood chunks. Once this is complete you can reclaim the space for whatever use you desire. You can easily and affordably remove the tree and stump with help from a local tree service.  

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Tree Removal Coquitlam
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