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Tree Removal Burnaby

The decision to cut down a tree can be a difficult one. While we enjoy trees for shade and beauty, they can become diseased or partly dead. They also may have roots that are causing damage to the underground utilities or driveway. When you need to cut down a tree it is a task that can be both hard and dangerous. It is often best to let tree removal in Burnaby to the experts.

Tree Removal in Burnaby

Tree removal in Burnaby starts with an estimate. The size of the tree, the type of tree and the height and location of the tree will all be factors that need to be considered when getting a quote. Large and tall trees are likely the most difficult to cut down. Trees that are located close to buildings, driveways and power lines are also hard to remove. Many times, the branches are removed first. This leaves better access to the trunk and better ability to control where it goes down.

Tree removal in Burnaby is best done before the tree is completely rotted. A dead tree will not only attract bugs but it will also begin to deteriorate and branches, or the entire tree, could come down on its own, especially in a storm. You want to protect your home and yard by taking the tree down before it can cause damage.

Professional tree removal services are not all alike. You want to make sure you choose a service that has the experience and expertise to handle all types of jobs, regardless of the difficulty. Professionals have the equipment they need and understand the dynamics involved in bringing a tree down. Once the tree is cut down the stump will remain. It is good to have the tree service remove the tree stump.

Tree Stump Removal

When possible, avoid leaving a tree stump in your yard. Tree stumps are unsightly and dangerous. They detract from your property value, yet they can be easily removed by a professional very quickly. When you opt for tree removal in Burnaby you may request that they also provide you with stump removal.

The best option for tree stump removal is grinding. A heavy-duty grinder chops up the remaining stump and underlying roots and makes them into small wood chunks. You will no longer have a stump to deal with but instead can reclaim that area for other landscaping needs.

Grinding a tree stump is preferable to pulling it out, which can damage your yard and buried utilities. Grinding is a environmentally-friendly option that does not use chemicals or other hazardous materials. The process is generally fast, easy and affordable. There is no reason to leave a stump in your yard when it can easily be removed by a professional tree service.

Old and damaged trees that need to be removed can be dangerous on your property. Do not wait to take the tree down. Instead, contact our experienced professional tree service to have your trees and stumps removed.

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Tree Removal Burnaby
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