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Tree Stump Removal Port Moody

Tree stumps are the unsightly lower portion of trees that are left behind when a tree is cut down. Many people remove trees by chopping them down but then fail to take the next step to remove the stump. Tree stumps can be difficult to remove so it is often best to get a professional tree service for tree stump removal in Port Moody.

Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps

If you have tree stumps in your yard you know that they can cause your entire property to look unattractive. You may get used to looking at them, but they can certainly ruin the curb appeal of your home. Some people may try to camouflage stumps in their yards by placing flowers on them, however, this only draws more attention to the problem.

Stumps are hazardous in your yard. People and especially children can run into them and that can lead to injuries. They are also difficult to mow around so they always seem to leave your yard looking unattractive. They also take up precious yard space that you should be able to use for other landscaping needs.

New tree growth sometimes comes from stumps that were not properly removed. These plants can be hard to get rid of and will continue to keep coming back as long as the root system is still intact. Tree stumps also attract insects and you could find yourself with an infestation in your yard. In addition, your home’s value is likely to go down because of the unkempt appearance of your property. The best way to resolve the problem is with professional tree stump removal in Port Moody.

Tree Stump Removal in Port Moody

 There are various options available for tree stump removal in Port Moody. Pulling out the entire stump can be difficult and dangerous. Doing so could damage your underground pipes and will leave you with a gigantic hole in your yard. Then, you’ll need to immediately fill up the hole with soil. There is often a lot of yard damage when a tree stump is pulled out of the ground.

There are some chemicals that are sold to dissolve the tree roots and trunk. These items don’t usually work very well and they could be harmful to children, pets and wildlife. Instead, the better option is to have the tree stump removed through grinding.

Grinding is done using heavy-duty tools that cut into the stump and roots. Grinding cuts the stump into small wood chunks and breaks up the roots that are directly below the tree trunk. This effectively stops any additional growth and removes the ugly stumps from your property.

Trunks of any size can be successfully removed using the grinding process. Not only is it extremely effective but it is also an environmentally-friendly choice. Tree stump removal in Port Moody is a fast and affordable way to improve the appearance of your yard and reclaim your landscaping. You can transform your yard with our expert tree stump removal services.

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Tree Stump Removal Port Moody
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