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Tree Stump Removal Burnaby

If your yard has one or more tree stumps they are detracting from the attractiveness and usefulness of your property. Tree stumps are the lower portion of a tree that remains after it has been cut down. The stump remains until it is properly removed. It can be difficult to remove a tree stump on your own. It isn’t a suitable do-it-yourself project. Instead, call in a professional for tree stump removal in Burnaby.

Why Remove Tree Stumps?

Tree stumps are ugly and they can actually cause your property value to decrease. Before you put your home on the market, consider tree stump removal in Burnaby. Tree stumps aren’t just unsightly; they can also pose hazards in your yard. Children and adults can trip on them and get hurt.  It is difficult to do yard work with tree stumps in the way. They take up part of the yard that should be used for other purposes.

Tree stumps can also be home to bug infestations. As stumps decay they become ideal locations for many varieties of insects. Sometimes there is growth from the roots that are still underneath the tree trunk. Stumps make the yard look shabby and no matter how you try to cover them up, they are still eyesores.

Some people try to remove old stumps themselves, but often with little success. Pulling the entire stump out is difficult and unnecessary. Pulling the whole stump out can cause damage to your underground utilities due to far-reaching roots that are yanked out of the ground. In addition, this leaves a massive hole that you must fill with soil.

About Tree Stump Removal in Burnaby

Tree stump removal in Burnaby is easy and affordable. The best method used by professionals is grinding. Tree stump grinding is done using heavy-duty grinding equipment that cuts and chops the stump into small wood chunks. Grinding effectively eliminates the immediate roots and the entire stump. The result is a surface that is full of wood chips.

You can replace the wood chips with soil if you want to reclaim the space to grow grass or plants. Grinding is a safe, economical and earth-friendly option for tree stump removal in Burnaby. There is no use of harmful chemicals to dissolve the stump. Instead, the whole stump is just ground down. Since the immediate roots are chopped up there will be no more growth coming from the tree.

Tree stumps are unattractive but you don’t need to live with them on your property. Stumps of all sizes can be removed using the grinding method. Grinding can be accomplished in a short length of time so you will soon have a beautiful yard once again. Whether you have cut down a tree that left the stump or moved into a home that already had stumps, you can get rid of them with professional help. We have years of experience removing trees and stumps in the Burnaby area. Contact us today to obtain a quote and to schedule our excellent services.

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Tree Stump Removal Burnaby
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