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Tree Removal Port Moody

When you have a dead tree or a tree that is causing problems, you need to have it cut down. You can try to take it down yourself, however, that is often dangerous and difficult. You need to call an expert in tree removal in Port Moody. The expert has the tools, experience and knowledge to safely remove any tree on your property. In addition to removing the tree, you can also make sure that the stump is removed at the same time. This allows you to repurpose the area for other landscaping needs.

Remove Trees Properly

Proper tree removal in Port Moody requires some skill and expertise. There are specific ways that trees need to be removed so they won’t damage your property or dwellings or hurt anyone. Different methods may be used for tree removal in Port Moody depending on various factors such as the location, size and height of the tree.

It is often necessary to remove most or all of the upper branches on large or tall trees before cutting them down. This makes it easier and safer to handle the trunk. The pieces of the tree can be removed or recycled into firewood or wood chips, based on your own personal needs. Special equipment is often utilized to keep the tree in place while it is being removed.

Once the tree is adequately prepared, it can be cut down. High powered chain saws and other equipment is needed to take down trees. An experienced professional knows precisely how to cut the tree in order to make it fall a certain way. Ropes or other guidelines may also be used to make sure that the tree lands in a safe place away from homes, cars and other areas.

Remove the Stump

After tree removal in Port Moody you will be left with a tree stump. The tree stump is the remainder of the tree and is still attached to the root system. There are various ways to remove the stump. If you leave the stump in place it becomes an eyesore and can be a hazardous fixture in your yard.

The best and most effective way to remove the stump is by grinding. You can include stump grinding in the estimate for tree removal in Port Moody.  The experts will have the proper equipment necessary to grind down the stump. They chop it into small wood chunks that effectively remove a portion of the root system that is directly below the main tree trunk. This means that you won’t have to worry about the tree growth coming back.

Stump removal by a professional is a fast and easy solution. It can be accomplished quickly and is an environmentally-friendly option. Best of all, you can reuse the space in your yard, whether for grass or other landscaping needs. Only a professional has the equipment and know-how to properly and safely remove a tree and tree stump from your property. Contact us today to schedule our expert tree removal services.

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Tree Removal Port Moody
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